App crashes on some Android 7 device

Have downloaded latest version of Android as of 11 February
All other apps are working inc behringer.
Android 7.0

security patch level
1 January 2018

Baseband version G920FXXS5ERA5

can you let me know what info you need pls



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  • Hey, ant. Did the app work before you updated?

  • No it didn't


  • Hi, any other information I can send you to help debug the app?



  • Hi

    Are you going to be in a position to make any progress on this issue in the near future?



  • Hi Again

    I have tried it on another Samsung S6 and have the same problem. Do you have any users successfully using your program on this device?



  • I have a friend with an Android phone who just purchased this app and he's having a similar problem (app starts up but immediately crashes).

  • Hey, I updated the bug report title to be more general, because it happens to some other phones as well. The one consistency is that they're all running Android 7.

    Here's where I'm at.

    I currently don't have a device I can reproduce it on. In the short term that makes it impossible to fix. I can see the crashes via Google's dev portal, and they all occur on Android 7 devices, though not all Android 7 devices crash. I have 5 Android phones and two Android tablets in my household, two of them are on Android 7, and the app runs perfectly on every device, as well as on Google's Android emulator. I've installed it on several of my friends machines and it runs fine on them, too.

    So, I know the problem exist, but I need to acquire a device that I can reproduce it on before I can fix it. I've been planning to go to a pawn shop or something, try some used phones until I find one where the app crashes, buy that phone and debug on that. I can almost guarantee the problem is trivial, a one line fix, maybe some permission thing.

    However, I keep procrastinating on that chore while weeks turn into month. I get a most a few sales a week on the Android store so I've considered simply pulling it from the store entirely. That's the easiest fix by far, from my perspective. But my bandmates use it, and the app actually works for most people (believe it or not), and I hate to take away access to a useful tool because it doesn't work for some people.

    So I strongly recommend getting a refund if the app doesn't work for you. I'm going to update the app description on the play store to warn potential buyers of this issue. And I will fix this eventually, in which case I'll post something here.

  • Hi, so I am a college student majoring in cybersecurity and minoring in computer science, so when I got this app and was having the issues with it crashing, I naturally wanted to look into it further. This is stuff that I geek out to, and I love it! Yay for hands on application of what I have been learning. Since the app was crashing on my phone (again it is running Android 7), I put my phone in developer mode and plugged it in to look at the logs in Android Studios to see what errors/exceptions it was throwing. I attached a screenshot of the fatal exception it was throwing. Essentially the drawables are too large for Android 7. I found a couple of articles about it, so there is probably an article explaining how to fix it. In the meantime I did find a workaround to make the app still usable (though it is inconvenient because it makes the phone display smaller, but at least it is usable until the problem can be fixed).

    The workaround is as follows: first you have to put the phone into developer mode (there are many tutorials in how to do this), then you need to go to the developer options menu in settings, scroll down to the drawing section, and change the minimum width setting. For my phone specifically that needed to be set to at least 450 for the app to work, but you may need to play around with that to find what works for your phone. This worked for my phone and the app is no longer crashing. It makes the display for the rest of the phone appear really small though, so it will definitely be that I will only adjust this setting when I need to use the app, then reset it back to the original when I am done. Which is kind of a hassle, but it will have to do until the problem can be fixed.

  • You're a hero, my friend! I'll try to spend some time investigating that this weekend.

  • Well, over a year later, I finally reproduced it locally. It was the stupidest thing ever. Didn't even require a code change to fix. Having trouble getting a build posted to the Play Store, because the machine that had my original upload key had a disk failure. In the meantime, if anybody reading this thread has this issue, contact me and I'll get you a working build.

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