Ability to pan linked buses

Support linked busses by showing a panning control when mixing a linked bus.


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    yes! that's the one major thing missing here, the ability for those of use using stereo in-ears to adjust the panning of each channel. the "pro" monitor-tweaking apps all have this, i think it needs to be a priority.

    ideally it should be a little button at the top of each strip that opens up to a wide panel so we can just slide a finger left or right to nudge the panning, similar to the x-air Q monitor apps for android. even better would be to include the trick mackie and others do here, where double-tapping it afterwards automatically returns it to dead-center.

    +1 to throwing the little chain link icon between the two linked auxes on the aux page, that's the traditional symbol.

    anyway, used it for the first time last night (XR18, airport router 5G, ipad mini) and it worked great, i liked how long the fader throw was and how fast the fader responded.

  • Or a mini chain link icon as the XAirQ app does.

  • thinking further, if adding a pan button at the top of the slider range ends up being ugly then you could just make the channel scribble strip names into buttons that engage the pan control.

    dunno if there could be a cute way to make them look different on stereo busses than mono so we would know we were in stereo, but that seems minor.

    that could flow smoothly with my other idea of losing the "settings" gear icon, adding a scribble strip under the master fader to tell us which aux we were on and making that the "settings" button to get to the aux select page.

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