[IMPLEMENTED] dB Meter over the fader

It would be very nice if we could see the currect level on the top of the fader, that we use (see the attached picture).

The problem is now that you can´t see the level meter from the fader you use when you have the finger on the fader knob ;-)

I hope you understand what i mean.



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  • Hmm.. I don't see any attachment. If you didn't forget, could be a bug in this forum software. Could you link to imgur.com?

  • I can´t upload the image. Please see the link in my post:


  • Ahh... OK. I actually had that in the app during development, but I took it out because I figured it was unnecessary for monitor mixing -- mean, that's something you mostly do by ear, right? Lead vocal isn't loud enough, you drag that slider up a bit until it is. I figured you don't really care much about the specific decibal value.

    That said, it's a very easy thing to add, and since you want it, I will. Next version. :)

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    Cool! Thanks a lot :smiley:

    Normaly you do it by the ear, but in a live situation i find it useful if i see the dB value, so i can increse the level 1 or 2 dB.

    Live we use the X18 as side rack. All signals from the stage go first via splitter into our X18 and then to the "FOH". We all play with in ear an the mix is a finished mix from rehersal. It works great!

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    or maybe have a few of the dB marks stay visible instead of only appearing when you touch a fader.

    at the very least a "0dB" mark that stays on across the board, that's probably the most useful reference point.

    assuming there's a clean way to do so, i think having some level marks always showing will also make the app look less "cartoony" and more "pro".

    save the spot at the top for my panning control, that's way more important :)

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