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Last night we set our x air 18 up for the first time. So probably i’m going wrong somewhere. The app refuses to connect with other auxes then aux one. We rehearse in our own studio with the build in WiFi router of the x air. What i’m A doing wrong here?


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  • Not sure what that means. It doesn't connect to an aux, it connects to the mixer, then controls any available aux. The messages it sends to control an aux are identical, and differ only by a single number in the message, so if it's able to control any one of the auxes, it should be able to control them all.

    Does it connect to the mixer? Do you see your aux names and colors? When you load aux 1, do you see your channel strip names and colors? When you move the sliders, do they move in the Behringer's app?

  • Sorry for not being clear. Yes it connects to the mixer. Yes I see the aux names and colors. I didn’t pay attention if the sliders move in the Behringer app. But when I try to switch to another aux let’s say aux 2 it flips back to aux 1. When I close the app and try again and try to choose Another aux it goes back to aux 1. At that time There was a laptop, tablet and 2 phones connected. I run the app on iPhone X with the latest update on it. iOS 11.4. What Am
    Doing wrong. Thanks for your reaction and time.

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