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It would be cool if the track label was a button, or there was a button below the track label, which would automatically reduce the fader to 0. Clicking this button again would restore the fader to its previous position. If you drag your finger along this row of buttons, you could mute multiple channels at a time.


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  • I, too, would like to see mute support in the Monitor Mixer app. Instead of trying to squeeze in another button, maybe make it so tapping the scribble strip label does the mute/unmute. Maybe change the background color to a lighter shade to indicate when it's muted.

  • Come to think of it, just gray out the whole fader strip if that channel is muted to make it painfully obvious that the channel is muted (I often have trouble with the X Air app from Behringer where I don't notice that the mute is on at the bottom of the fader).

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    Some thoughts:

    • The concern I have with just clicking the label to mute is that it's not discoverable. There's no indication that you can do that, so people who want to mute may never figure it out how unless they RTFM (which they shouldn't have to for an app this simple) or discover it by accident. A mute button makes it obvious, but takes up more space. So that's the trade off. I think maybe I'm OK with it being non-obvious, if the indication of muting is obvious, but:

    • Graying-out the track is not necessarily obvious. Imagine somebody clicks on the label by accident, the fader grays out, but because there's no signal on that channel at the moment they have no idea what just happened. Maybe I could put a "no" sign (red circle with cross) over the label or the fader to indicate muting? Or perhaps a crossed speaker icon?

    • Muting a channel in Behringer's mixers mutes it everywhere (all busses + mains), so I can't literally mute the channel. I can simulate muting by reducing the fader to -90db on the mixer (we'll call that "fader off"). So a couple of options:

      • I could do this fader move in secret -- i.e. send a fader off message to the mixer, but leave your fader where it is locally.
      • The mute button could just pull the local fader all the way down. Unmuting could restore it to it's previous position. This solves the "mute indication" problem.

    So some potential implementations:

    • I put a short, white mute button under the track label. Clicking it turns it red, sends a fader -90db message to the mixer, but leaves your fader where it's at. Clicking it again turns it white again and sends a message to the mixer with your current fader position. When a channel is muted, you can't drag the fader. If we received a fader move message from the mixer, we unmute the channel and put the fader where the mixer says it is.

    • I put a short, white mute button under the track label. Clicking it turns it red and snaps the fader to -90db. Clicking it again turns it white again and returns the fader to its previous position. Dragging the fader or getting a fader move message from the mixer automatically unmutes.

    • Clicking or double-clicking the label snaps the fader to -90db. Clicking or double-clicking it again restores it to its previous position.

    I kinda prefer the options that snap the fader. It gives you quick way to toggle between off and on, it requires no additional indicator, and makes it clear what's really happening (i.e. it's not really muting the channel).

  • Hi, app on my iphone 7 connects, it also displays audio levels, but does not adjust the volumes, how can I fix it?

  • now I have noticed that it only regulates aux, to adjust the masters as it should be done?

  • So the question arises... Who "owns" muting and unmuting channels? Right now, I use the X Air app to control both FOH and monitor mixes, so I may mute a channel while on the Main screen, and then unmute it when I'm on one of the Bus screens. Where I sometimes get tripped up is not realizing the track is muted and I move the fader all over the place to no avail. I'm just looking for some kind of visual indication that the global channel mute is on so I don't waste my time wondering why adjusting the fader isn't doing anything.

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