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  • thinking further, if adding a pan button at the top of the slider range ends up being ugly then you could just make the channel scribble strip names into buttons that engage the pan control. dunno if there could be a cute way to make them look diff…
  • since the only really important function of that "settings" button is in fact to change which aux you're on, just lose the gear thing, add the name for the aux to that spot (maybe in bold or with a border or something) and make it so touching that n…
  • or maybe have a few of the dB marks stay visible instead of only appearing when you touch a fader. at the very least a "0dB" mark that stays on across the board, that's probably the most useful reference point. assuming there's a clean way to do s…
  • yes! that's the one major thing missing here, the ability for those of use using stereo in-ears to adjust the panning of each channel. the "pro" monitor-tweaking apps all have this, i think it needs to be a priority. ideally it should be a little b…

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