[FIXED] Clicking on Aux/Bus Hangs/Crashes

In a nutshell:
Connects to my XR18 OK, Shows ALL faders
Press Settings, select appropriate Aux/Bus/Monitor
Screen Turns white, and hangs


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  • In addition:
    iPhone 6S 64GB
    iOS 11

  • ETET
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    Thanks for the report.

    • Do you have the latest version of the app (new version went up yesterday)?
    • Can you confirm that you saw the fader screen running once.
    • Does this happen every time you try to select a bus, or did it just happen once?
    • Love your icon!
  • • v 1.01
    • Yes, fader screen comes up when I connect to my XR18
    • Yes, every time I select a bus
    • My wife drew it for me (it's tattoo'd on my leg)

    I found out something interesting: after selecting the bus and the screen turns white, if I immediately double-click the home button, the screen refreshes, with the proper settings for the bus! I've tested with ALL 6 buses.

  • ETET
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    If I got you an emergency test build, could you try it for me?

    You'd have to download Test Flight from Apple.

  • Update: Mudshark was able to test a build for me which resolves the issue. I've asked Apple to expedite pushing that build to the App Store. Hopefully not too many users will be affected.

    I'll marked this as fixed when that goes live and I get some additional confirmation that it's working for everyone.

    Thanks again for the help, Mudshark.

  • Version 1.02 on the App Store now should fix this issue.

  • Thanks for the quick fix !!

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