[IMPLEMENTED] More than 2 busses for XR12?

Hello! I use both aux outs for monitors - via Bus 1 and 2, plus the headphone output via Bus 3. Is it possible to manipulate the fader values for this third bus? If not, could the feature be added please? Thanks for building this I've been waiting for something like this for so long!


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    Well darn. I based the bus count for the XR12 on images of the mixer. However, looking at the product page for the XR12 just now, it appears that it has 6 busses.

    So you have 6 software busses that you can arbitrary route to any of 3 physical outputs?

    In that case, I should actually be showing 6 buses to choose from for any of Behringer's XAir mixers (XR18, XR16, XR12), right?

    Yes, this would be extremely easy to add. I'll have it in the next version for sure. If you could beta test it, please send me the email you use to log into iTunes and can give you access to a pre-release version of the app to test.

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